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Booking Your Appointment

To book your appointment you can call the clinic at 416-485-9000 or click here to book online.

Intake Forms

Prior to your initial consultation, we ask that you fill out the appropriate intake forms. You may return them to or bring them to your first appointment.

Completing these forms as accurately as possible, and in advance of your appointment, ensures that we are able to gather the necessary information regarding your primary health concern and general health history in order to provide the most suitable treatment plan.

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What to expect at your first appointment


The initial naturopathic consultation will last approximately 75-90 minutes. During this visit, your ND will gather extensive information concerning your current health concern(s) and medical history. A relevant physical examination may also be conducted during this visit, and a personalized treatment plan will be discussed.

Your initial visit may also include the following optional services, if indicated:

  • Functional blood work
  • Urine analysis
  • Other laboratory testing

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What to expect at your follow-up visits


Follow-up visits are approximately 30-60 minutes in duration. During these visits, further discussion regarding your personalized treatment plan will be reviewed, additional treatments may be implemented and a detailed look at the progression of your health will occur.

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Rates and Fees


  • Initial Consultation (75-90 minutes): $225                 Student/Seniors (65+): $195
  • Follow-up visits (30-60 minutes): $120                      Student/Seniors: $100
  • Extended follow-up visits (60-75 minutes)*: $175      Student/Seniors: $150
  • Phone/Skype Consultation (30-60 minutes): $120
      • For existing clients only
  • Doctor’s Note: $35
  • Insurance letters: $120/hr
  • Missed Appointment Fee: the full cost of the visit will be charged when notice of cancellation is not provided at least 24 hours in advance (unless extenuating circumstances apply)
* Extended follow-up visits are for issues requiring more time for review OR for patients who have not had an appointment in over 12 months

Cosmetic Acupuncture

  • Single treatment (75-120 minutes): $200


  • Chair Treatment (15 minutes): $15
  • Table or Floor Treatment (30 minutes): $40
  • Table or Floor Treatment (60 minutes): $70
  • The purchase of supplements and natural health products is additional to any service fees.  You may purchase your supplements from Q Wellness or an alternate retailer.
Naturopathic services are HST exempt.  All other rates for services do not include applicable taxes (HST). Rates are subject to change without notice. Discounted rates for students/seniors, as outlined, require proof of educational institution or age.  Rates for those on disability or limited income may apply.  Please contact us further details.

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