Sanae Nemoto


Sanae is a bilingual (English and Japanese), Certified Shiatsupractor® and authorized Holistic Practitioner, licensed by the city of Toronto.  She is also a board member of the Shiatsu Diffusion Society (S.D.S.), the Shiatsu professional regulatory body in Canada.

Sanae graduated from the Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo with 2200 hours of Shiatsu Therapy curriculum, which is the highest standard of shiatsu training outside Japan. Since graduating, she has developed a keen sense of touch, performing over 500 shiatsu treatments clinically, as well as at community events, in corporate settings, and various festivals throughout Toronto.

Sanae’s passion is to share this wonderful traditional Japanese healing art (known as Namikoshi Shiatsu Therapy) in the community to help people enjoy their daily life through increased vitality and energy flow throughout the body.  You have found the right person if you are looking for deep relaxation to relieve daily stress & fatigue, improve physical mobility and address current health concerns with a holistic approach.