Laboratory Testing

Q Wellness offers a variety of laboratory testing. Our naturopathic doctors can work with you to determine the most appropriate tests or research new tests that may offer a unique insight to your current health concern.

For routine blood work, we are conveniently located 1 block from Gamma Dynacare Medical Laboratory at 1849 Yonge Street.  We also work with LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services and can determine the best lab choice, based on your location, when ordering tests. You can also look up a lab location by clicking on these links:

Some of the more common laboratory tests we use include:

Routine Assessments

  • Blood work (routine & disease screening)
  • Urinalysis and Urine Dipstick
  • Rapid Strep Test (in clinic)
  • Vitamin D (25-hydroxyvitamin D)

Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

  • Celiac Profile
  • IgE Food Allergy Testing
  • IgG + Candida Testing
  • IgG + IgE Food Sensitivity & Allergy Testing
  • IgG Food Sensitivity Testing

Endocrine/Hormone Testing

  • Comprehensive Thyroid Panel (TSH, fT3, fT4, Antibodies)
  • Estrogen Metabolism
  • Saliva Adrenal Function Test
  • Saliva Female Hormone Panel
  • Saliva Male Hormone Panel

Gastrointestinal Testing

  • Intestinal permeability
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis
  • Comprehensive Parasitology
  • Bacterial culture & sensitivity (stool)
  • Yeast culture & sensitivity (stool)

Environmental Toxin Testing

  • Chlorine pesticides
  • Organophospates
  • Volatile solvents
  • PCBs
  • BPA
  • Heavy Metal Testing

Laboratory Service Providers

Some of the laboratory service providers we use include: